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Im the best artist out there and I will take you all on fight me

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Quick sketch.

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Matt Mercer signature get! #sakuracon

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Tapiz de la colaboración entre Ufotable y Nitroplus con Saber (Fate/stay night) y Supersonico para el evento Character1, celebrado en el Tokyo Big Sight este 29 de abril a un precio de 3000 yenes.

Más información: http://www.nitroplus.co.jp/event/2014/140429_4012.php

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"I’m a boss ass bitch."
- Rin Tohsaka, to pretty much everyone
Fate/Stay Night

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夜トがやっとお金をもらった!!(according to magu my pun game is too strong) #sakuracon

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Today’s keychain spoils #sakuracon

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I had other people give me contact advice but my body refused haha

You can’t really tell in the pictures though!

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